Transfer Admissions Requirements: Undergraduate Health Sciences Program

The four health science programs that grant undergraduate degrees are Medical Laboratory Sciences (formerly Clinical Laboratory Sciences), Dental Hygiene, Mortuary Science, and Nursing. Students are admitted to the professional degree program at either the sophomore (Nursing and Dental Hygiene) or junior year (Medical Laboratory Sciences and Mortuary Science), typically having completed 30-60 semester credits, the prerequisite requirements, and the University's liberal education requirements. On a space available basis, students may be able to transfer to the Medical Laboratory Sciences program in their senior year. Transfer students who begin their studies at the University before they have completed the prerequisite requirements or credit totals generally enter the College of Liberal Arts (as an "undeclared" major or with a CLA major as their second choice) or another college where they may enroll in appropriate pre-professional coursework.

Note: Dental hygiene, dual degree dental hygiene/dental therapy, and mortuary science students do not have to complete all liberal education requirements prior to admission.

All students planning to apply to a health science degree program are encouraged to fulfill health science immunization requirements at the time of application. A signed health clearance form with proof of immunizations will be a condition for enrollment after admission to the program, unless you qualify for an exemption to the immunization requirements. Please contact the program you are interested in for the specific immunization requirements expected of all students in the health sciences.

Campus visits for students interested in health sciences

Dental Hygiene and Dual Degree Dental Hygiene/Dental Therapy: 

Prospective dental hygiene and dental hygiene/dental therapy dual degree students are strongly encouraged to attend a program information session. Information sessions are held regularly in the Health Careers Center. Sessions include information about the programs and question and answer time. For more details and to make a reservation, visit or call 612-625-7477.

Medical Laboratory Sciences: 

The Medical Laboratory Sciences program hosts monthly information sessions, and prospective applicants are encouraged to attend a session to learn more about the program. You can sign up for a Medical Laboratory Sciences information session online.

Mortuary Science: 

Prospective mortuary science students are encouraged to contact the program office at 612-624-6464 to schedule a tour and advising session. 


The School of Nursing Office of Student Services hosts regularly scheduled B.S.N. information sessions. Get more information online or by calling 612-625-7980.