Student Employment

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Student Employment

We have thousands of student jobs on or near campus, and the University of Minnesota Job Center makes it easy and convenient to find a job you will like. Over 75 percent of University of Minnesota students work while going to school.

A student job can bring you more than just cash. You can also gain valuable experiences for your career. At a Big Ten, research university, your opportunities for employment are endless; you can work with reference materials in the Math Library, manage a convenience store in a residence hall, work with preschoolers at the University Child Care Center, or work as a research assistant for a professor in the Center for Medieval Studies, to name a few!

University of Minnesota Job Center


While U of M students learn a lot in the classroom, many also look for hands-on experiences outside the classroom to build skills and prepare for a career. An internship is a job that focuses on education and experience in your field of interest. Internships offer benefits like mentorships, paid work experience, and networking opportunities.

The University of Minnesota's great location makes it easy for U of M students to find valuable internships. Our campus career centers have connections with the surrounding community, and advisors who will help you through the application and interview process. Visit for more information.

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