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Kenzie Drexler

Kenzie Drexler

Senior Freshman Admissions Counselor and Coordinator for Multicultural Outreach Community Partnerships

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Direct: 612-624-1770
Toll Free: 1-800-752-1000
Email: drexl033@umn.edu

Hometown: New Ulm, MN

Major(s): Corrections (Criminal Justice) Minor(s) Sociology and Non-Profit Leadership

Why she chose the University of Minnesota Twin Cities: The University of Minnesota Twin Cities allows students the opportunity to tailor their degree directly to their interests. With more than 150 majors and 135 minors the possibilities are endless!

Favorite University of Minnesota Class: SOC 4511 - Sociology of Youth: Transition to Adulthood

Favorite Student Organization: Black Motivated Women. They do some really great events for students and even some that are open to the general public!

Most Inspirational U of M Alum: Roy Wilkins! Roy did some pretty remarkable things for the civil rights movement around the nation!

Favorite Random Fact about the University: The tallest building on campus is the Mechanical Engineering building, but most of the floors are underground.

Best Place to Study on Campus: Coffman Student Union! The mix of the hustle and bustle with the soothing ambiance makes for a perfect study location.

The One Experience Students Shouldn't Miss: I advise students to get involved in whatever way makes sense to them. Study abroad, take a freshman seminar, join an organization, or utilize professors' office hours. The experience it what you make it and there is so much to experience here!

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