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Founded in 1975, the Asian-American Student Union (ASU) is an affiliate organization to 13 separate student organizations, such as such as the Hmong Student Association, Korean Student Association, or Cambodian Student Association of Minnesota.

There are also opportunities to join the Chinese American Student Association, Vietnamese Student Association, and Lao Student Association for new year celebrations with traditional activities and foods, or get involved with the Hmong Minnesota Student Association.

Help plan ASU's Spring Conference, a popular event featuring a variety of speakers, dancers, poets, musicians, and professors representing many Asian American cultures. Or, enjoy the Indian Student Association's annual Diwali Show in the fall.

Study Asian cultures

As a U of M student, you will have the option to study the world's diverse cultures as part of your academic experience. Recent class offerings include "Hmong History Across the Globe," and "Contemporary Perspectives on Asian America."

The U of M offers a minor in Asian American Studies, in which you can explore Asian American history, politics, literatures, and cultures. Students can explore current events, identities, and experiences. Or, in the Asian Languages and Literatures major, you can study languages such as Chinese, Hindi, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Urdu, and Vietnamese. You can also live and study with other students who share interests and experiences with the Hmong culture in Tsev Hmoob (Hmong House).

"The Hmong Minnesota Student Association (HMSA) is a place I can feel comfortable, meet new people, and find myself culturally. As activities co-chair, HMSA has given me the chance to be a leader and have my voice heard... It's just a great place to be and everyone is always welcome."
-Ashley Yang, Journalism and Mass Communications (Advertising) and Communication Studies

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