International Baccalaureate Course Awards

Some high schools offer courses through the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The University of Minnesota Twin Cities offers students who earn qualifying scores in (IB) subjects a head start on their University education.

Students in IB programs may receive up to eight semester credits at the University of Minnesota for each higher-level (HL) subject passed with a grade of five or higher. Specific credit awards for each higher-level (HL) subject are outlined below.

We encourage IB students to earn the full IB diploma.

  • Those who earn the full IB diploma with 30 or more diploma points may receive eight semester credits for each higher level (HL) subject with grades of five or higher and
  • IB students may receive up to two semester credits for some standard level subjects with grades of five or higher.*

The University of Minnesota's IB practices—including scores accepted, credits awarded, and requirements fulfilled—are subject to change.

Area/Test Score Award Liberal Education Award
Art HL 5-7 4 Credits in ARTS 1999 and 4 credits in ARTS 1001 Arts/ humanities requirement
Biology HL 5-7 4 credits in Biology 1009 (General Biology) Biological Science/ lab requirement
Business Management HL 5-7 4 credits in MGMT 1999 No liberal education requirement awarded
Chemistry HL 5-7 3 credits in CHEM 1061, 3 credits in CHEM 1062, 1 credit in Lab 1065, and 1 credit in Lab 1066 Physical science/ lab requirement
Computer Science HL 5-7 4 credits in CSCI 1033 and 4 credits in CSCI 1999 No liberal education requirement awarded
Economics HL 5-7 4 credits in ECON 1101 and 4 credits in ECON 1102 2 social science core requirements
English Language & Literature HL 5-7 4 credits WRIT 1301 and 4 credits in ENGL 1999 Literature requirement/freshman writing requirement
English A Literature HL 5-7 8 credits in ENGL 1999 Literature requirement
History HL 5-7 8 credits in HIST 1999 Historical perspective requirement
Information Global Technology HL 5-7 4 credits in CSCI 1001 No liberal education requirement awarded
Math HL 5-7 4 credits in MATH 1271 and 4 credits in MATH 1272 Mathematical thinking requirement
Physics HL 5-7 4 credits PHYS 1301 and 4 credits in PHYS 1302 Physical science/ lab requirement
Psychology HL 5-7 4 credits PSY 1001 and PSY 1999 Social science requirement
Other Subjects HL 5-7 Contact the Office of Admissions Contact the Office of Admissions

Information is current as of September 2016

* SL credit is granted ONLY if a student completes a full IB diploma of 30 points or more. No credit is awarded for SL classes alone. SL credit is granted for these courses: biology (2), chemistry (4), computer science (2), economics (2), English languages and literature (2), English literature (2), film studies, (2), geography (4), history (2), information technology (4), literature and performance (2), psychology (2). No credit for SL math or math studies.

Course numbers 1999 indicate blanket credit in the subject matter area at the freshman-sophomore level; other numbers are those of specific courses for which students may be granted credit.

Transfer credit for IB second language courses, HL or SL, is not awarded. For information on how to earn credit for second language courses at the University of Minnesota, go to, send e-mail to, or call 612-624-0862.

For more information about International Baccalaureate and the University of Minnesota, contact the Office of Admissions at 612-625-2008 or 800-752-1000.

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