Deny Information

If you received a deny decision, we sincerely regret that we are unable to offer you a place in the Minnesota Twin Cities freshman class. The admissions committee has completed a very careful review of your application, including an individualized and overall assessment of your application, including your individual responses to questions, your coursework, grades, and the additional information you provided.

Please know that when we make admission decisions, we are not trying to keep applicants out of the University. Rather, we must ensure that the number of new freshmen is reasonably in line with the resources and services designed to support student success (e.g., course availability, academic advising, and campus housing).

Competitive Admission Rate

Admission to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities is highly competitive. For example, for Fall 2023 admission, we received more than 39,000 applications for a freshman class of approximately 6,700 students. While we were very grateful for the strong interest in the University of Minnesota, the number of applications submitted and the strength of the applicant pool has created a competitive admissions situation.

Please note, for Fall 2023, due to a significant increase in the number of highly competitive applications for the School of Nursing, admission to the nursing program was especially competitive.


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Can I transfer to the U of M in the future?

Each year, the University of Minnesota welcomes more than 2,000 transfer students to campus. Students are able to transfer after three or four semesters of full-time coursework, if they meet the admission requirements for the program in which they intend to earn a degree. To optimize the chances for successful transfer to the University, you should:

  • Earn a strong grade point average at your transfer institution(s). Admission to the University of Minnesota remains competitive at the transfer level. 
  • Carefully plan your coursework at your transfer institution(s) to help ensure that the courses will transfer and minimize the time that will be needed to earn a degree from the University of Minnesota.

Are there any programs I can join to help me transfer in the future?

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities has partnered with seven public two-year campuses around Minnesota to offer the Minnesota Cooperative Admissions Program (MnCAP). Students enrolled in MnCAP are guaranteed transfer admission to one of the participating U of M colleges and majors when they meet certain conditions. Students in MnCAP work closely with dedicated staff at the community colleges and the University of Minnesota Office of Admissions to define the specific conditions for transfer.

Participating University of Minnesota Twin Cities colleges:

Participating community colleges:

Visit our MnCAP intro page for participating colleges and more information about this program.