Understanding Your Transfer Credit Report

The transfer credit report shows how your courses have been evaluated for transfer to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. A sample report is included here to help you interpret your individual report. Every effort has been make to ensure the accuracy of this report. If you detect a technical error, or need further explanation of your report, please contact the Office of Admissions at 612-625-2008 or 1-800-752-1000 and ask to speak with a Transfer Specialist.

Downland a Sample Transfer Credit Report 

Submitting a Course for Review

The instructions to submit your course for review are different depending on your current status at the University. Learn more about your options for submitting a course that best aligns with your relationship to the University of Minnesota.

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What is the transfer credit report?

The transfer credit report is prepared by the Office of Admissions. It is a computer-generated document that shows how coursework you have completed transfers to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities to fulfill general education requirements. The information on your report will be used by you and your advisor at Orientation & Registration to determine which degree program requirements you have met and which ones you still need to complete. You will receive transfer credit report updates each time we record new transfer course information on your official student record.

Your transfer credit report tells you...

  • When and where you took the transfer course;
  • The number of credits transferred for each course;
  • Whether or not the course has been accepted for transfer;
  • How your transfer courses fulfill University Of Minnesota-Twin Cites Liberal Education (UMTC-LE) and writing requirements (often called general education at other institutions); and
  • Which UMTC-LE and writing requirements you still need to complete.

How are transfer course decisions made?

Coursework taken at other institutions will be transferred subject to the following considerations:

  • The mission of the institution from which credits would be transferred;
  • The comparability of the coursework with U of M coursework; and
  • The appropriateness of the coursework for meeting baccalaureate degree requirements at the U of M.

Regional accreditation shall usually serve as the primary criterion for determining the transferability of coursework from other institutions. Coursework from institutions lacking regional accreditation may be individually reviewed. Credit is not usually transferred from specialized or proprietary institutions, military schools, or industry-based education programs.

You may request the Office of Admissions to reevaluate coursework that did not transfer. See more information below.

What are the Liberal Education (LE) requirements?

The LE requirements consist of the Freshman Writing and Writing Intensive (WI) requirements, the Diversified Core Curriculum and the Designated Themes of Liberal Education, as explained on your TRAC report. Your U of M and transfer courses may be used to meet a combination of these requirements.

Exceptions to the Liberal Education requirements

Students who have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) have completed the LE Diversified Core, Designated Themes, and Freshmen Writing requirements (four Writing Intensive courses beyond freshman writing are still required). If you have completed the MnTC but your tranfer credit report does not reflect this, then it could be that we have not received your final official transcript showing MnTC completion. Your record will be updated shortly after we have received the final transcript with the MnTC posted on it.

Students who have completed a U.S. bachelor's degree or its international equivalent are exempt from the Liberal Education and Writing Intensive requirements.

For more information about the LE requirements and a list of courses that fulfill them, go to U of M One Stop.

Can I request re-evaluation of courses not transferred or counted for the LE or WI requirements?

If you believe that one or more of your transfer courses has been evaluated incorrectly for transfer or for the LE or WI requirements, you may request reconsideration by submitting a transfer course petition. You may download the Transfer Course Petition Guide, Transfer Course Petition Instructions, and Transfer Course Petition Form here, or on our Forms and Publications page. To have the transfer course petition forms mailed to you, call the Office of Admissions at 612-625-2008 or 1-800-752-1000.

How do I know which courses fulfill my major requirements?

At Orientation & Registration, your college will provide you with a course evaluation specific to your major called the APAS (Academic Progress Audit System) report. If you need assistance regarding your major program prior to Orientation, you should consult your college of admission.