Resources for Undocumented & DACA Students

Our commitment

The University of Minnesota has a commitment to a diverse student body. As a University we encourage and welcome all students to apply, regardless of immigration status. We encourage students to apply as freshman (first year) or as a transfer student!

A diverse student body greatly enhances the academic and social environment of the campus and helps prepare students to thrive in a global society. One of the University's Student Learning Outcomes is that graduates are expected to "understand diverse philosophies and cultures within and across societies." Learn more about how the U of M values diversity broadly defined.

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Applying for Admission

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Applying for Admission

How to complete the Common App if you are an undocumented student

How to complete the Common App if you are an undocumented student

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Citizenship Question

In the "Common App" tab, "Profile" section, under "Citizenship"
  1. Under "Select your citizenship status," select "Other (Non-US)"
  2. Under "List citizenships," list all non-U.S. citizenships you hold.
  3. Under "Do you currently hold a valid U.S. Visa?" select "No"
  4. Indicate "If you intend to apply for a new or different U.S. Visa..." (also may be left blank).


Common App University of Minnesota Twin Cities Citizenship Question

Undocumented and DACAmented Students
  • "Are you a U.S. citizen?", select "No".
  • "Are you currently living in the United States?", select "Yes"
  • "Choose one of the following", select "I am none of the above"
  • "State in which you claim legal residence", select the state in which you reside
  • "When did you move to that state?" If you've lived there your entire life, please enter your birth month/year.


How to complete the Golden Gopher application if you are an undocumented student

How to complete the Golden Gopher application if you are an undocumented student

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About You tab, "Personal Information"

Social Security Number (Optional)
  • If you have a valid Social Security Number (SSN)—for instance, because of immigration proceedings—enter that on the application.
  • If you have an SSN for work purposes (usually through DACA), use that where the application asks for an SSN.
  • If you don't have a valid SSN or SSN for work purposes, but do have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), use the ITIN in place of an SSN on the application.
  • If you don't have a valid SSN, SSN for work purposes, or ITIN, leave this item blank.


About You tab, "Residency"

Residency for Undocumented Students & DACAmented Students
  • Are you a U.S. citizen?, select "No"
  • Choose one of the following, select "I am none of the above"
  • Country of Citizenship, select country of native citizenship
  • Country of Birth, select Country of Birth
  • City of Birth, type city of birth
  • Are you currently living in the United States?, select "Yes"


Review/Submit tab

Application Fee:

The image shown is an example. Please provide answers accurate to your experience.

Note: The University of Minnesota Twin Cities wants to make sure that the application fee does not pose a barrier for any student who wishes to apply for admission. If you feel that your financial circumstances might qualify you for an application fee waiver, please complete this section on the application.



Scholarships and Loans

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Scholarships and Loans

Merit Based Scholarships

In recognition of outstanding academic achievements, the University offers a number of academic scholarships for incoming freshmen entering the University fall semester. These highly competitive awards range from $1,000 for one year to $60,000 over four years.

To be considered for University-wide scholarships, simply submit the application for freshman admission. There is no separate application! Admitted freshmen are considered for these University-wide scholarships based on an overall assessment of their admission application.

Minnesota Residents Scholarships

  • The Minnesota Dream Act provides undocumented Minnesota high school graduates meeting certain criteria with:
    • In-state resident tuition rates for undergraduate and graduate students at public colleges and universities, including all University of Minnesota campuses. Generally students are eligible if they have attended a Minnesota high school for at least three years, have graduated from a Minnesota high school (or earned a GED in Minnesota), and have registered with the U.S. Selective services (applies only to males 18-25 years old).
    • State financial aid to students who meet state residency requirements, regardless of immigration status; and
    • Privately-funded financial aid through public colleges and universities, including aid from the University of Minnesota regardless of immigration status.
  • MN Dream Act State Grant eligibility requirements
  • Apply for MN Dream Act State Grant

The University of Minnesota U Promise scholarship

  • Eligible new Minnesota resident undergraduates with a family income of up to $120,000, who enroll at any of the University's five campuses, will be guaranteed a U Promise scholarship
  • For more details and eligibility requirements, please see U Promise Scholarship FAQ

* Students eligible for the Minnesota Dream Act are also eligible to receive a U of M Promise Scholarship.


SELF Loan:

  • Minnesota offers a loan program called the SELF Loan Program, which is available to students regardless of immigration status.
  • A separate application is used to apply for the SELF Loan, available through the college's financial aid office.
  • A qualified borrower who is an undocumented student must have a credit-worthy cosigner who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • For more information on the SELF Loan Program, visit

Support and Resources

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Support and Resources

Immigration Response Team

The mission of the Immigration Response Team is to ensure that all faculty, staff, and students who are affected by immigration policy changes have access to resources and support. The team provides outreach to the greater University community on the impact of executive orders and other policy changes, immigration regulations, and issues connected with DACA and immigration status.

Student Legal Service

Student Legal Service (SLS) offers advice and representation in multiple areas. These services are available to University of Minnesota students paying the Student Services Fee at the Twin-Cities Campus and are limited to those outlined in our Policy Handbook.

Student Counseling Services

Student Counseling Services' vision is a university where all students are empowered to reach their personal, academic, and career goals. Staff and trainees actively work to address forms of oppression in a culturally affirming manner and consider the impact of oppression for students who seek services at SCS. SCS continues to address this work from an empowerment and advocacy framework.

Dream Fund

Dream Fund provides current immigrant students facing financial emergencies with assistance to continue pursuing their education.

Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence and Circle of Indigenous Nations (MCAE)

The Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence prioritizes the academic lives of students from historically marginalized backgrounds in their pursuit of a college degree within the context of a predominantly White campus.