Costs, Scholarships, and Visas for International Students

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities provides a high-quality education at a reasonable cost, especially compared to our peer institutions. Since we charge a flat tuition rate, the tuition cost will not increase for students taking 13 credits or more per semester. Students typically take 15–16 credits per semester in order to graduate in four years.

Tuition and fees are subject to change and actual expenses will vary for individual students. The University of Minnesota is not responsible for any difference between these estimated costs and your actual costs. Cost increases should be expected for each subsequent academic year.

Please reference the estimated full cost of attendance on the "Study at the University of Minnesota" website.

Residents of the Province of Manitoba, Canada

Under the Manitoba-Minnesota tuition reciprocity agreement, students who are Manitoba residents pay the same tuition as Minnesota residents. For more information, visit the Information for Manitoba Residents page.

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Global Excellence Scholarship

All international freshman and transfer students attending on an F1 visa who are admitted for fall admission are automatically considered for a Global Excellence Scholarship. There is no separate scholarship application required. Students are considered based on an overall assessment of their admission application. Awards are competitive and based on academic merit. Students selected for awards are among the best in their class and show a record of very strong academic preparation.

Freshman: for the 2024-2025 academic year, international freshman can receive scholarships of $15,000 or $10,000 per year for up to four years.

Transfer: Transfer students may receive $10,000 per year for up to three years when entering the University in the fall semester. Transfer students may receive $10,000 per year for up to three years when entering the University in the fall semester. Transfer students entering in the spring semester will be considered for scholarships only on a funds-available basis.

Students must maintain their F-1 immigration status to remain eligible for these awards.

ISSS Need-Based Scholarships

A small number of additional need-based scholarships for international students also are available through International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). Find more information about the specific scholarship criteria and how to submit an application on the ISSS website.

Visa Information

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Visa Information

Current F-1 Visa Holder

Students who already have an F-1 visa are also required to submit an Undergraduate New Student I-20 Request form in order to transfer their I-20 from their current U.S. school to the University of Minnesota. Learn more at the ISSS "Transfer Your Visa" page.

Other Temporary (Non F-1) Visa Holder

Students who will attend the University of Minnesota with other temporary (non F-1) visas are NOT required to submit the Undergraduate New Student I-20 Request form. After you confirm your enrollment, in order to complete the University's International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) document check, contact the ISSS at [email protected], and let them know that you will be studying in other temporary visa status and need your AI Hold removed from your student account. The ISSS staff will respond with instructions.

Students with an H visa or H-4 visa who plan to graduate from a Minnesota high school should contact the University of Minnesota Resident Classification Office about their resident status. Other temporary visa holders, such as A, E, G, I, or L, may be considered for residency. For more information, please reference the Residency and Reciprocity information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I apply for a student visa?

After you are admitted and confirm your enrollment at the University of Minnesota, you will be asked to submit an Undergraduate New Student I-20 Request form to the University's International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). An I-20 is required for your F-1 visa application. After ISSS receives your I-20 Request form, ISSS will email information on how to receive your I-20 to you within two weeks.

Is financial aid available for international students?

International students studying on an F-1 visa in the U.S. do not qualify for U.S. or Minnesota state financial aid programs. The University of Minnesota does not offer a full tuition waiver or scholarship and the University assumes that international students will take full responsibility for financing their education.

Will an F-1 international student be allowed to work part-time?

Yes. F-1 students may apply for on-campus student jobs at the University of Minnesota. For more information, visit the ISSS On-Campus Employment page. NOTE: Funds earned in these positions may help you pay for a small portion of your living expenses. However, anticipated income cannot be included on your Undergraduate New Student I-20 Request form.

When will I need to pay tuition and fees?

Your tuition payment generally will be due two to three weeks following the start of the semester. You can find a complete list of the billing and due dates for the semester on the Dates and Deadlines page. There are several ways to pay the balance due on your student account. More information on payment method options such as Flywire is available at One Stop Student Services: How to Pay.