Information for North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Manitoba Residents


Students who are residents of Manitoba, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, benefit from a long-standing reciprocity agreement, paying tuition rates equal to in-state rates. Last year, more than 5,000 undergraduate students from these states enrolled in our outstanding academic programs while benefiting from these lower rates. 

Tuition reciprocity is not automatic. You need to apply and qualify for reciprocity through the higher education office in your state. Manitoba residents should complete the application that appears in the link below. 

North Dakota Wisconsin Manitoba

Please note that students participating in off-campus study, study abroad, or who take time off for an academic year or more must reapply for reciprocity.

For more information about the University's reciprocity policies, you may download our detailed brochure on residency, reciprocity and tuition exemptions. You may also see answers to frequently asked questions in the reciprocity question and answer guide.

South Dakota reciprocity changes starting 2024

The South Dakota Board of Regents announced that the prior reciprocity agreement between Minnesota and South Dakota will end with the 2024-2025 academic year. South Dakota residents who are admitted to our incoming class in fall 2024 will receive a tuition benefit from the University of Minnesota to cover the difference between non-resident and resident tuition rates. This benefit ensures South Dakota residents pay the equivalent of Minnesota resident tuition rates during their undergraduate program (four years for incoming freshmen and three years for transfer students).   

In order to receive this tuition benefit, students from South Dakota must complete a South Dakota Tuition Application Form and demonstrate proof of South Dakota residency to receive this tuition benefit to reduce your costs to Minnesota resident tuition rates. This request must be completed by December 11, 2024 for incoming fall 2024 students, and by May 5, 2025 for incoming spring 2025 students.