Application Checklist for International Freshman

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International Freshman Application Checklist

A complete international freshman admission application includes the items listed below. Applications cannot be reviewed until all of these items are received.

Check Application Tracker to verify the University of Minnesota has received your submitted documents and ensure all items are received by the freshman application deadline(s).

Self-Reported Academic Record

For international students, the following items are required to fulfill the Self-Reported Academic Record requirements of the application. Visit the Self-Reported Academic Record FAQ for more information.

Your method of self-reporting varies based on the application platform you choose:


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High school (9th-12th grade) courses and grades (Required)

You are required to report your 9th-12th grade courses and grades exactly as they appear on all of your original academic reports, transcripts and any examination results, such as, but not limited to: IB, IGCSE, O/AS/A-level, HKDSE, SPM, CISCE/CBSE, and WAEC.

  • If your transcripts are not issued in English, certified, true line-by-line, literal English translations are required for filling out the Self-Reported Academic Record Form.
  • Do not adjust your grades in any manner. Do not weight grades. Do not average or convert them.
  • If you are in your last year of secondary/high school, you will list your "in-progress" equivalent to US High School 12th grade courses for those that are not yet graded.
  • You may submit your official transcripts online or via mail, but the Self-Reported Academic Record form will still be required. 

EXAMPLE: If you went to school in China and now attend a U.S. high school, you need to report your Chinese school courses and grades with maximum grades (e.g. 30. 50, 70, 100, 120, 150- point grading scales) exactly as they appear on your original Chinese transcript issued by your Chinese school. Report your course names in English; however, you should not report your grades in the A-F grading scale if they appear on your U.S. high school transcripts.

English proficiency test scores (Required)

The University of Minnesota accepts results from TOEFL iBT, IELTS Academic, Duolingo English Test, PTE Academic, and CAE C1 Advanced. To learn how to meet the University of Minnesota's English proficiency requirements, visit our English Proficiency Information page.

Students should report their highest Total or Overall scores as well as Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing subscores from one test date using the Self-Reported Academic Record form. Do not "superscore" your tests. The University of Minnesota Twin Cities does not consider MyBest Scores: Sum of Highest Section Scores of the TOEFL iBT Score Report to meet the minimum total score requirement for admission.

If you send your official test scores to the University of Minnesota from the testing agency, we will use your official scores in our review of your application.

ACT and/or SAT scores (Not Required)

International Applicants should report their highest composite or total scores and associated subscores as well as Writing (ACT) and/or Writing & Language (SAT) scores using the Self-Reported Academic Record formDo not "superscore" your tests.

If you send your official test scores to the University of Minnesota from the testing agency, we will use your official scores in our review of your application. Visit our ACT and SAT information for freshman admission page for more information.

Students completing a South Korean curriculum (IMPORTANT)

Since the Self-Reported Academic Record form or Common Application does not capture all of the information from your transcript, the Office of Admissions requires a copy of your official South Korean high school transcripts. Please log in to your Application Tracker and upload a copy of your official transcripts including a list of your 12th grade courses in progress. You also can self-report your test scores uploading a copy of your official test score report(s) via Application Tracker.

Additional application material requirement

Some specific programs may require applicants to submit a supplemental application in addition to your completed admission application. If we are missing one of the items listed above, or if we require any additional information, it will be noted on your Application Tracker. Log in to your Application Tracker to complete your application.

Official document requirement

Prior to enrolling at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, all confirmed students will need to submit official final transcripts and test scores. We will compare the official final transcript and test scores against the Self-reported Academic Record. Academic integrity and student success are our highest priorities. The University of Minnesota has the right to cancel enrollment for any students who misrepresented their Self-Reported Academic Record. The Office of Admissions has sole discretion in determining if misrepresentation has occurred.

  • Official documents are those that are original or are attested copies of original academic documents mailed in a sealed, stamped envelope directly from the secondary school, college, or university, and they must have been issued within the past year.
  • All documents not issued in English must be in the original language and include a certified, true (word-for-word) English translation.
  • If you complete secondary school in a country where a secondary leaving examination is required for university entry, you must also provide us with the results of this examination.
  • Final transcripts or high school documents may include exam results such as, but not limited to, IB, A-level, WAEC, HKDSE, SPM, CISCE/CBSE, and WAEC. Refer to our Secondary School Sample Documents page. 
  • Official test scores must be sent directly to the University of Minnesota by the testing agency. Official results, including total, overall or composite scores and subscores, must match the information provided in the applicant's Self-Reported Academic Record form.
  • A scanned or electronic copy of an official document submitted by an applicant or student  is considered unofficial.

These official documents are carefully reviewed against the Self-Reported Academic Record. If the Academic Record is deemed inaccurate, the University of Minnesota may change the college of admission or cancel admission, regardless of whether the inaccuracy was intentional or accidental. Admission to the University Honors Program and merit-based scholarships also may be affected, among other things.

For more information, visit the Office of Admissions policy on Verification of Self-Reported Academic Record.