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Freshman Admission

Freshman applicants through the fall 2027 term are not required to submit an ACT or SAT test score. This policy change was expanded to ensure every student has the opportunity to submit a complete application.

Whether or not you choose to have your ACT/SAT score considered as part of your application, your application will:

  • Receive full consideration for admission, scholarships, and our University Honors Program.
  • Be read in its entirety during our individual review process.

On your application, you will indicate whether you would like an ACT/SAT score considered in the review of your application. Once you submit your application, your decision is final and cannot be amended, with the exception for test access or cancellation circumstances. An applicant who originally indicated the intent to submit a test score, but can no longer take the exam and therefore can not complete their application, can request to change their original answer to this question by completing an amendment form.

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Why is this change being made? Is it permanent?

During the start of the pandemic in 2020, the University of Minnesota made ACT/SAT scores optional due to test cancellations. At this time, it is a temporary policy change through 2027 while we research its impact on students.

Over the coming years, the Office of Undergraduate Education will be continuing its analysis of standardized tests and their role in admissions on the Twin Cities campus. This review includes examining educational literature, benchmarking of peer institutions, and considerations of the impact on rankings, student success, and diversity for a "no test required" approach to admissions in the future. When the results of this analysis are ready and we have made an informed decision about our applications beyond 2027, we will communicate this to future applicants.

How do I indicate on my application whether I want to include test scores?

Both of our application platforms include a question asking whether you'd like to have an ACT/SAT score considered in the review of your application. You'll find this question in the Education Background section of the Golden Gopher Application; on the Common App, it's in the Testing section within the University of Minnesota Twin Cities questions.

Common App:


Golden Gopher Application: 


Can I change my mind about whether to have an ACT/SAT score considered as part of my application?

Once a student submits their application, their decision on whether to include an ACT/SAT score in the review of their application is final and cannot be amended. Exception: an applicant can request to change their original answer via an amendment form if they had opted to have an ACT/SAT score reviewed as part of their application but can no longer take the exam (and subsequently complete their application) due to test access or cancellations.

This will allow our admissions committee to:

  1. Know when a student's application is complete (i.e., the student has submitted all the information they wish to have considered as part of their application) and ready for review.
  2. Make fair and consistent admission decisions.

If I have already taken (or will be taking) the ACT or SAT, how do I decide whether to submit my score?

Students can reference the academic profile of the middle 50th percentile of freshman applicants admitted. We also encourage conversations with high school counselors and our admissions counselors for guidance.

We know that many students have already sent their official score to the U of M. Please see below for details about that scenario.

If I have already sent my score directly from the testing agency, can I ask that it not be considered in my admission decision?

Yes. If you have already submitted a score to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities but select "No" for whether you'd like to have an ACT/SAT considered during the review of your application, your test score will not appear on the materials used to review your application.

If I send a test score, could it potentially hurt or help my chances of admission?

All applications—those with and without test scores—will be read in their entirety and reviewed for admission, scholarships, and Honors using academic and context factors (see full list of holistic review factors). The academic factors (like grades, class rank, GPA, course rigor, and test score, if provided) focus on your academic preparedness for University of Minnesota programs. The context factors include characteristics like outstanding achievement or aptitude in a particular area, commitment to community service or family responsibilities; these factors demonstrate your potential contributions to our community of scholars.

Some applicants may feel that an SAT or ACT score does not fully reflect their academic preparedness or potential. If a student does not provide an ACT/SAT score, we will review their application using the rest of our academic and context factors.

For many applicants, an ACT/SAT score can reflect their preparation for college. We encourage any applicant who has taken the SAT or ACT to share their scores with us if the student believes that they are reflective of your ability and potential. If a student does provide an ACT/SAT score as part of their application, it will be reviewed as an academic factor. Please note that your choice about test consideration is not reversible.

Are there other application materials/items that are required or encouraged?

If a student chooses not to have an ACT/SAT considered during their application review, there are no requirements for submitting other materials in lieu of a score (such as an essay or recommendation). We do, however, recommend that all applicants fill out our application as thoroughly as possible.

All students must self-report all of their high school courses and grades on the application. There is also a section to tell us about participation in activities and work. On top of that, students can choose if and how they share additional information about their college preparation. This could include crafting a personal response to our short answer questions, or submitting a letter of recommendation (only if it provides specific insight and details about academic abilities). Once a student submits their application, their decision on whether to include an ACT/SAT in the review of their application is final and cannot be amended.

Do international students have to submit an ACT/SAT score or an English proficiency score?

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities requires students who meet certain criteria to demonstrate a command of the English language. This is necessary for success in college-level classes taught in English. Applicants who are required to submit English language proficiency test results when they apply for undergraduate admissions are:

  • International students (temporary visa holders) except for those from an exempt country.
  • Non-international students whose first language is not English and/or who have been studying in schools in the U.S. for less than 4 years by the time of enrollment at the University of Minnesota.

Please note: an English proficiency test may be waived if applicants meet the English proficiency requirements in an alternate way; for instance, ACT or SAT results, transfer courses from other U.S. institutions, specific high school curriculums, or country of origin. Visit our English Proficiency page for more information on ways to meet this requirement.

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How do I register for a test or submit an official test score to the University of Minnesota?

Your official test scores may be sent directly to the University of Minnesota, using one of the codes listed below:


Phone: 319-337-1270
U of M test code: 2156


Phone: 866-756-7346
U of M test code: 6874

You can self-report your score as part of the application process if you choose; if you're admitted, you'll be asked to submit your official score after you confirm your enrollment to the U of M.

Do I need to take the writing portions of the exams?

No. The writing exam is not required.

Will my ACT scores be accepted if I take the exam online?

The U of M will accept online ACT test scores when they become available. No matter what format the test is taken, online or paper, students should continue to request ACT to send their official composite score.

I am thinking of retaking an individual section of the ACT. Will you accept individual ACT section tests?

Yes, however it can not be used to create a superscore or new final score. If students wish to have their individual ACT section subscores considered as part of their admission decision, they should self-report the scores when they apply or request them to be sent directly to the U of M by ACT.

We will evaluate how these new options can help students reach their maximum potential as they prepare for college. We will continue to revisit our policies as we better understand the impacts of these changes.

Does the University of Minnesota accept superscores?

The U of M does not accept and will not use ACT superscores to determine admission or scholarship decisions. Students can also self-report up to three composite ACT test scores on their application. All self-reported ACT scores are verified with ACT. Any discrepancies between official and self-reported scores may influence admission decisions and awarded scholarships.

Why is the "Testing" page blank on my Common App PDF preview?

For all applicants, the "Testing" page on your Common App submission preview PDF will be blank with a small note: "There are no test scores to report." This blank page is intentional to ensure that our application reader team does not see scores from students who do not want an ACT/SAT score reviewed as part of their application.

If you selected "Yes" on your application to indicate that you'd like your ACT/SAT scores included in the review of your application, rest assured that we will still receive the ACT, SAT, or English proficiency scores that you self-reported on your Common App even though they don't appear in your Common App PDF.

Transfer Admission

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If you are a transfer applicant with 26 or more transferable credits:

We will not review an ACT/SAT score as part of your application review if you have completed more than 26 transferable credits. Any scores you provide to us will not be considered when we make an admission decision.

Our Golden Gopher Application will prompt you to choose whether or not you would like your ACT/SAT score included on your application. We recommend you select "No." Should you select "Yes," please know that your ACT/SAT score will not be reviewed.

If you are a transfer student with fewer than 26 transferable credits:

An ACT/SAT score is not required for applicants through the fall 2027 term. You can choose to send us your ACT/SAT score(s) if you would like us to review them as part of your application.

Our Golden Gopher Application will ask whether you'd like your ACT/SAT score considered during review of your application. If you answer "Yes," we will include a test score as part of your application checklist and you will be required to send us a test score (ACT code: 2156, SAT code: 6874). If you answer "No," we will not review your ACT/SAT score(s) as part of your application, even if you have already sent them to us.

Please note: you will acknowledge on the application that you cannot change your mind about including a test score in your application materials once you press submit.