This event exposed what many already knew: that there are deep, systemic, and dangerous biases and inequalities in our society that have gone too long unacknowledged and unchecked.

We stand with those calling for sustained and meaningful action and change, including President Joan Gabel and our university partners at the Office for Equity and Diversity, such as:

  1. Listen: Listen to members of Black communities, Indigenous communities, and communities of color who continue to experience the damaging effects of historical trauma, oppression, and systemic racism. Our communities have the knowledge and lived experiences that must be elevated.
  2. Learn: Learn about anti-Blackness and its pervasive and harmful impact on Black communities. Learn more about your role in creating change. Dismantling systemic racism cannot happen without an understanding of the history of our University, state, and nation.
  3. Support: Support impacted communities. Donate. Volunteer. Create intentional spaces to process anger, sadness, and grief. There are many immediate and long-term needs.
  4. Advocate: Make your voice heard. Get involved in efforts to create change within and beyond the University. Systemic change cannot happen without direct action and advocacy.

Source: Office of Equity and Diversity

We vow to support our community members who continue to face inequities. We know, however, that words are not enough, and that a commitment to action will not suffice. We must demonstrate that we are taking that action. It will take courage to confront our past mistakes and our personal and institutional biases, to have difficult conversations, and to risk missteps. As an institution of teaching and learning, we are both obligated and well positioned to do just that.

We have every confidence in this generation of University students to move the world in a way that earlier generations have not. We commit to supporting those working to achieve the goal of a better, fairer, safer society. We hope you'll join us to be a part of this effort.

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