Freshman Nursing Program

Freshman applicants who want to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree on the U of M Twin Cities campus must apply for admission and complete a supplemental application for the Freshman Nursing Program. Admitted students begin in the School of Nursing as freshmen. Please note, admission to the School of Nursing is highly competitive due to program demand.

Application Instructions and Deadlines:

  • By November 1:
    Complete your application for freshman admission to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities by the November 1, 2019, early action deadline and select Nursing as your first choice major.
  • 2-4 days after you apply:
    The Freshman Nursing Program supplemental application will become available in your Application Tracker 2-4 days after you have submitted your admission application. Instructions will also be sent to your email address.
  • By November 8:
    Submit your Freshman Nursing Program application by November 8 via the online form provided in your Application Tracker.

Decision Notification Timeline

Students who are complete their U of M application by November 1 will receive an admission decision by January 31, 2020. Applicants are automatically considered for scholarships as well as the University Honors Program, and recipients will be notified by March 30, 2020.

Application questions

Although you won’t be able to access your Freshman Nursing Program application until you've completed your application to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, you can begin to think about your responses to the three short-answer (250 words or fewer) prompts:

  1. Why have you chosen to pursue a nursing career? Explain how your experiences shaped your decision.
  2. How have your studies prepared you for a career in nursing?
  3. Provide a brief reflection about why you feel the University of Minnesota School of Nursing will be the best fit with your degree and career plans.

Why does the University of Minnesota offer direct admission into the School of Nursing as a freshman?

Our unique direct Freshman Admissions option demonstrates the University's continued commitment as a leader in nursing education. This program ensures commitment to the nursing profession from day one. Students begin their nursing program freshman year through completing prerequisites and introductory nursing courses. They continue on their second year into the nursing curriculum and experiential education.

Students are a part of the School of Nursing community from their first day on campus, which helps establishes the tight-knit community the School of Nursing offers within the countless opportunities at the University of Minnesota. Due to lab space needs and competitiveness of practicum placements, admission to the Nursing program is highly selective.

How competitive is the nursing program as a freshman?

Interest in the field of nursing has grown rapidly in recent years and continues to do so. To ensure access to laboratories, practicum experiences, and one-to-one support by faculty and advisors, the number of students admitted is limited.

Students who enroll at the U of M and are not admitted to the nursing program can pursue a major in a related field before pursuing an entry level Master of Nursing degree. Students may also wish to pursue a related academic interest or another health science program.

What if I want to study nursing at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, but I am not admitted as a freshman?

For students not entering the nursing program as freshmen, the University will maintain a small transfer student cohort. Course instruction over that three year program will occur at our University of Minnesota Twin Cities School of Nursing location in Rochester, Minnesota. Transfer admission to this cohort is limited to approximately 30 enrollment spaces.

Additionally, students not admitted as a freshman can pursue another area of undergraduate study as preparation for a Master of Nursing (MN) degree. Students would apply to the Master of Nursing program (MN) to pursue their master's degree in nursing following completion of their four-year bachelor's degree. The MN degree provides students with another pathway to a nursing degree and a career as a Registered Nurse.

Fall 2019 Applicants to the Freshman Nursing Guarantee Program

  • Total Number of Freshman Applicants: 919
  • Total Number Admitted: 297
  • Total Number of Program Spaces: approximately 120

For fall 2019, the Freshman Nursing Guarantee Program had approximately 120 spaces for enrolled students. For those spaces, 919 students applied and 297 (32 percent) were admitted. The competitiveness of admission each year is based on the number of applications received and the academic qualifications of the applicants. The strongest applicants are selected for the program. The middle 50 percent of fall 2019 freshman applicants selected for the Freshman Nursing Guarantee Program had a high school class rank in the 90th to 98th percentiles and ACT scores of 28 to 31. Successful applicants typically had 'A' grades in their college preparatory coursework, extensive leadership, and school and community engagement. You may view the complete list of factors we consider when making an overall, holistic assessment of an application.

How can I learn more about freshman admissions to the nursing program?

Contact the Office of Admissions to speak with an admissions counselor, or join us for a campus visit. Nursing visits are offered on Mondays and Fridays throughout the academic year.

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