UPDATE: Students applying for fall 2021 and fall 2022 undergraduate admission at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus are not required to submit an ACT or SAT score. Learn more.

BA/MD Joint Admission Scholars Program

About the BA/MD Joint Admission Scholars Program

The Bachelor of Arts/Medical Doctor Joint Admission Scholars (BA/MD JAS) Program provides a unique opportunity for exceptional Minnesota residents from broadly diverse backgrounds to become physicians committed to meeting the healthcare needs of Minnesota's diverse communities.

What is the BA/MD JAS Program?

The BA/MD JAS Program is a seven-year BA to MD program in which three years are spent taking undergraduate coursework in the College of Liberal Arts and four years of coursework are spent at the Medical School. Ten students will enroll in the program as incoming freshmen.

Benefits of the BA/MD JAS Program

Students in the BA/MD JAS Program will be guided and supported throughout the program in building a portfolio of experiences in research, service, and leadership, and they will receive clinical exposure to develop and deepen their understanding of medicine throughout their undergraduate years. This individualized program accelerates students' entry into the medical workforce and reduces overall costs of college education.

How are students selected for the BA/MD JAS Program?

Students must be invited to apply for this program. Students admitted to CLA who indicate an interest in medical school will be reviewed holistically when they apply for undergraduate admissions. Students who may be eligible for this program are selected and invited to apply.

The application process to the BA/MD JAS Program includes supplemental essay questions and a letter of recommendation. An interview will also be required.

What are the requirements of the BA/MD JAS Program?

Students who participate in the BA/MD JAS Program must pursue a BA in the College of Liberal Arts in either Biology, Society, and Environment or Human Physiology. They will be expected to follow program requirements to ensure they are on track to complete the majority of their BA in three years. Students in the BA/MD JAS Program will be awarded a Bachelor's degree when they meet the following requirements:

  • Students are enrolled at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • Majority of the chosen major completed in the first three years of the overall program
  • Co-curricular program requirements completed
    • Participate in BA/MD Summer Enrichment Program
    • Complete the Medical education Seminar series
    • Complete a focused research project with poster, publication, and/or presentation
    • Complete sustained and substantial community service with presentation
    • Prepare and sit for MCAT examination
    • Submit an application to the American Medical Colleges Application System (AMCAS)
  • Letter from College of Liberal Arts undergraduate programs indicating students have met requirements to enroll in medical school in year four of overall program
  • Successful completion of year one of medical school
    • Bachelor degree will be conferred after successful completion of year one of medical school

Upon successful completion of the requirements in the first three years of the program and meeting the admissions requirements of the Medical School, students will matriculate to the University of Minnesota Medical School. Once admitted, students will then continue the BA/MD JAS Program by following medical school requirements to complete their MD at the end of the seven-year program.

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