BA/MD Joint Admissions Scholars Program

The Bachelor of Arts/Medical Doctor Joint Admission Scholars (BA/MD JAS) Program provides a unique opportunity for exceptional Minnesota residents from broadly diverse backgrounds to become physicians committed to meeting the healthcare needs of Minnesota's diverse communities. The BA/MD JAS Program was created to embrace and nurture an environment of diversity, inclusiveness, equal opportunity, and respect for the similarities and differences in our community. Students invited to apply are high achieving students who demonstrate an early interest in medicine. The program includes students from rural communities, first-generation college students, and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Admission to this program is highly competitive, with only ten to fifteen students enrolling in the program each fall as incoming freshmen.

The BA/MD JAS program is an invitation only, early assurance, combined admissions degree program between the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) and the Medical School at the University of Minnesota.

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Students selected for this program begin their studies in the College of Liberal Arts while receiving guidance and mentoring from the Medical School. Upon successful completion of the program’s undergraduate requirements and meeting the admissions requirements of the Medical School, students will matriculate to the University of Minnesota Medical School, to ultimately earn both their Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Medicine degrees.

BA/MD Program Participants

Benefits of the BA/MD Joint Admission Scholars Program

Students in the BA/MD JAS Program will be guided and supported throughout the program by faculty, advisors, and mentors from the College of Liberal Arts and the Medical School. While participating in the program, students build a portfolio of experiences in research, service, and leadership. They also receive clinical exposure to develop and deepen their understanding of medicine throughout their undergraduate years.

This specialized program allows faculty, advisors and mentors to get to know students one-on-one, and to help them navigate their medical school experiences and their future career options in helping meet the healthcare needs of Minnesota's diverse communities.

A Flexible and Immersive Experience

A significant advantage of the program is a flexible immersive experience. From the first days of the program, students work closely with medical school faculty to begin developing their professional identity. Programs of study are individualized to the student in their academic focus and interests with timelines built around this. The university offers a variety of experiences including global medicine, regional public health programs, and state of the art research facilities on campus and through affiliated organizations.

What are the requirements of the BA/MD JAS Program?

Students who participate in the BA/MD JAS Program must pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in the College of Liberal Arts in either Biology, Society, and the Environment, Human Physiology, or Psychology. Other College of Liberal Arts undergraduate majors are an option upon approval from the participants' Academic Advisor and some students complete double majors in non-science related topics.

Students in the BA/MD JAS Program are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • Maintain Satisfactory Undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Co-curricular program requirements completed
    • Participate in BA/MD-assigned Welcome and Orientation activities
    • Complete the Medical Education Seminar series including participation on a team based longitudinal community service research project
    • Earn the minimum required score or higher on the MCAT examination
    • Submit an application to the American Medical Colleges Application System (AMCAS) and University of Minnesota Medical School (UMMS) supplemental application
  • Letter from College of Liberal Arts undergraduate programs indicating students have met requirements to enroll in medical school by year four of overall program

On successful completion of undergraduate program requirements and meeting admissions requirements, students will matriculate to the University of Minnesota Medical School. Admitted students will continue the BA/MD JAS Program by following medical school requirements to complete an MD.

BA/MD Joint Admission Scholars Program Selection Process

Students receive a direct invitation to apply for the BA/MD JAS Program, and must be a Minnesota resident. Students admitted to the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) who demonstrate a strong interest in medical school will be reviewed holistically, and invited to apply if selected.

Invited applicants submit an online application form, supplemental essay questions and a letter of recommendation. Interviews take place in early spring. Entrants begin the program in fall.