Monday, November 13, 2017 Update

Dear Colleague,

As our November deadline grace period comes to an end Wednesday, November 15, I write to share a few updates.

Since our last email, we have received a large volume of transcripts - thank you! We are so grateful for the continued interest in the University and for all the work you have been putting in to support students.

But, due to this unprecedented volume, one batch of our transcript loads failed. As a result, some students who received a "missing information" email on Thursday, November 9, actually had a transcript on file. We worked through the weekend to complete the load of that batch of transcripts.

Key things to know:

  • Students whose applications are complete by November 15 will be considered 'on time' for our first deadline and will receive an admission decision by January 31, 2017.
  • We have resolved the document upload issue from last week. Students' transcripts are now all uploaded correctly. Students with complete applications and materials will get an email update today.
  • For your knowledge, we send out daily emails to students whose application and complete materials are received so they know their application has progressed to "complete."
  • If a student took the October ACT and indicated at the time of testing to send their results to the University of Minnesota, those scores will be marked as on time for our November deadline. Those test results have not yet arrived, but when we do receive those scores (possibly this week and next week), students will receive an email acknowledgment of those scores and will see that reflected on Application Tracker.

Thank you to the counselors who notified us that they had sent transcripts that were not reflected in our system. While we always strive to work seamlessly and without issues, we appreciate hearing when you recognize problems so we can address them immediately.

We appreciate your continued partnership as we work to serve students and their families.


Heidi Meyer
Executive Director of Admissions

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