UPDATE: Students applying for fall 2021 and fall 2022 undergraduate admission at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus are not required to submit an ACT or SAT score. Learn more.

Admitted Student In-Person Campus Tours

Starting March 8, we are pleased to offer one-hour campus tours for both admitted and confirmed fall 2021 freshmen by our student tour guides.

While we are excited to show students our campus again, it is important to understand what we will be offering and what is expected during a tour to ensure the most enjoyable experience for each admitted student and their two guests.

To protect the safety of everyone, please review the information below.

Campus Scene
Checkbox Campus tours are for admitted/confirmed incoming freshmen and their guests only. Each tour will allow for three admitted and confirmed freshmen (fall 2021). Each student can bring up to two guests. You can expect a total of nine tour attendees and one tour guide on each one-hour tour.
Checkbox Facial coverings that cover your mouth and nose are required to be worn when you check in and during the entire tour, with no exceptions.
Checkbox We have many options to explore campus. We offer various virtual and self-guided in-person tour options for those that can not wear masks, for those that arrive without an appointment, or if you are unable to travel to campus for a visit.
Checkbox We will only provide a student-guided tour to admitted or confirmed freshmen (with a maximum of two guests per student) with each scheduled appointment. If you do not have a scheduled tour, you can opt to download our self-guided tour to enhance your walk through campus. Additionally, any pre-registered students who bring more than two guests will also be directed to a self-guided tour option.
  • Due to the current situations surrounding in-person events (COVID-19, weather-related, etc), there is a remote possibility we may have to cancel or postpone your tour. If that should occur, we will contact you via email with as much notice as possible.
  • We appreciate that travel arrangements need to be made in advance and are an ongoing consideration. We always offer self-guided tours as an option to explore campus in person.
  • We expect the tour appointments to be popular. We will continue to add more tour dates over time.
  • All admitted/confirmed freshmen will be invited to register for a tour based on the timing of their admission. We are committed to offering as many tours as possible to accommodate as many admitted students as possible. Additional tour slots will be added to the website in each phase.
    • Phase 1: Registration link will be available to all students admitted July 1 - Nov 15, 2020
    • Phase 2: Registration link will be available to all students admitted Nov 16 - Dec 31, 2020
    • Phase 3: Registration link will be available to all students admitted after Jan 1, 2021
  • We have limited tour space. Please sign up for only one date to ensure all students have access to a tour. We appreciate your consideration to ensure all can go on a tour.

What does an admitted student tour offer?

Checkbox Highlights of our beautiful campus: During the one-hour tour, you will walk throughout our East Bank section of campus, led by a current student.
Checkbox Student perspective and experience: Your tour guide will share information about campus along with their student perspective and experiences to help you determine if the U of M is the right fit for you!
Checkbox Safety and fresh air: Due to COVID safety precautions, the tour will be mostly outside, with short stops in a couple of buildings.
Checkbox Everyone on the tour must wear a mask, covering your mouth and nose. We will also provide hand sanitizer.
Checkbox Low-contact, safely distanced experience: Your tour check-in, the actual tour, and closing remarks will all be conducted mostly outside, with a minimum of six feet of distance between each of the three groups in your tour and your guide. After your tour, we follow up with helpful information to reduce contact and retain safe distances while you are on campus.
Checkbox WEATHER
  • Dress for the weather. Winter in Minnesota can be magical. It can also be cold. You must dress for it!
  • Wear layers. A warm coat, boots, a hat, and mittens or gloves are critical layers! You cannot over-dress for being outside for an hour.
  • Extreme weather or cold snap? We'll have an option to warm up briefly at a few spots, but dress warmly! In the case of very extreme weather when it is not safe to be outside for an hour, we may need to cancel a tour. We will strive to communicate that as early as possible.

What can I expect to NOT see on a tour?

Checkbox Inside all buildings on the tour: While we can’t go into every building, we will have a brief stop at the following:
  • Coffman Memorial Union, our student union
  • Walter Library
  • Bruininks Hall (One Stop Student Services)
NOTE: Most buildings around campus remain closed to the public. This is to reduce the number of people inside at one time.
Checkbox Crowds of people: We want you and our campus community to remain safe. We will keep our tour groups small with three groups per tour. Each group is asked to remain at least six feet away from other tour members and other groups on campus.
Checkbox Residence Hall (Dorm): We will not be able to bring campus tour guests into a residence hall as part of the COVID safety precautions.

What do we expect of YOU on your pre-scheduled campus tour?

Checkbox Follow the safety guidelines: The following requirements are set to protect you, as well as our student tour guides and staff.
Everyone on the tour must...
  • Wear a mask, covering your mouth and nose at all times.
  • Keep a safe distance of at least six feet between others in your group and the tour guide.
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided throughout the tour.
Checkbox Reschedule your tour. If you or any member of your party have recently tested positive for COVID-19, have come in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, fever of 99.5, new loss of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea in the past 48 hours), we will work with you to find a new tour time. (Source: https://staysafe.mn.gov/individuals-families/index.jsp)

Please do not keep your appointment if you or members of your group have symptoms.

What can you expect from US on your scheduled tour?

Checkbox Great information: Nothing beats learning about campus directly from current students! They are well-versed on campus highlights and happy to share their experiences.
Checkbox Excitement: Our student tour guides are ecstatic to show you around campus. They love this role and have been missing showing admitted students and their guests around while sharing their collegiate highlights.
Checkbox Warm Minnesota welcome: We have missed having visitors on campus and cannot wait to greet you! Even from six feet away, smiling behind our masks.
Checkbox Safety: We take this reintroduction of on-campus tours very seriously. We will stick to the outlined expectations above and enforce them with each tour group, so you, our students, and our staff stay safe.

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