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Hispanic, Chicanx, and Latinx

Get involved

At the U of M, you'll discover many ways to celebrate your culture and share it with others. Get involved in La Raza Student Cultural Center and participate in El Grito Celebration, a celebration of the independence of different countries in Latin America, or Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Live and learn with other students interested in Chicanx/Latinx culture in the CASA SOL Living Learning Community. Tutor and mentor youth in the Twin Cities Latino community through EDUCATE (Engaged Department Undergraduates Challenging Access to Education).

Study Chicanx culture

The U of M Department of Chicano & Latino Studies has a long history of serving students and was the first ever Chicano Studies program in the Upper-Midwest. In Chicano & Latino Studies, you can explore the social, historical, and cultural experiences of the Mexican and Latino populations in the United States. Recent class offerings include "Chicana Studies: La Chicana in Contemporary Society," and "Latino Social Power and Social Movements in the U.S."

"There are many opportunities on campus to live out and explore Hispanic culture. It may be by going to LISA's salsa night, or attending one of LA RAZA's forums, or mentoring younger Spanish-speaking students in the community."
-Gabriel Ramirez-Hernandez, Past President of the Latino International Student Association

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