Zach Champion

Zach Champion

Freshman Admissions Counselor

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Direct: 612-626-8789
Toll Free: 1-800-752-1000

Hometown: Winnebago, IL

Major: Sports Management

Minor: Coaching

Why he chose the U of M: I came because of the beautiful campus that I fell in love with on my tour and the great location we have right in the middle of a major metropolitan area. I knew that after my tour, this is where I needed to be and the rest of my college search process was “how do I get to the University of Minnesota?”

Favorite Student Organization: Admissions Ambassadors. I was one of the leaders of this organization, and it made me feel more connected not only with the student group, but also with this University in general. It was one of the ways I left my mark at the University of Minnesota.

Best Place to Study on campus: Either the basement of Coffman Union or the 3rd floor of Northrop Auditorium, right outside the art gallery. These are both very quiet places, but also have very comfy seating areas so you can study in peace and comfort.

The one experience that a student shouldn’t miss: I think that all students should attend most, if not all, of the homecoming activities that are held around campus during homecoming week. This is a great way to see all of the different student groups and the Greek Community on campus show their school spirit and become a part of the community this campus provides.

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