Prerna Subramanian

Prerna Subramanian

College of Biological Sciences (CBS) Admissions Counselor

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Direct: 612-625-3419
Toll Free: 1-800-752-1000

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Major(s): Psychology Minor(s): Music and German

Why she chose the University of Minnesota Twin Cities: I was intrigued by the diversity of courses offered and the large number of extracurricular opportunities. It was also great to be right next to the Twin Cities to look for internships or have a fun Friday night!

Favorite University of Minnesota Class: Cultural Psychology

Favorite Student Organization: Pet Away Worry and Stress (PAWS)! I always loved to take a study break and spend time with therapy animals.

Favorite U of M Memory: Singing a solo at Northrop

Most Inspirational U of M Alum: Bob Dylan

Favorite Random Fact about the University: The world's first successful open-heart procedure was carried out by Dr. F. John Lewis at the University of Minnesota in 1952.

Best Place to Study on Campus: University of Minnesota Campus Club Balcony

The One Experience Students Shouldn't Miss: Study Abroad! I was fortunate enough to study abroad in both German and Ireland. It was absolutely amazing to learn more about other cultures while conducting research at remarkable institutions.

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