Louisa Harstad

Louisa Harstad

Coordinator for American Indian Recruitment and Freshman Admissions Counselor

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Direct: 612-625-9565
Toll Free: 1-800-752-1000

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Majors: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Ethnicity & Race Studies with a focus on Indigenous Studies

What do you love about the University of Minnesota Twin Cities: You really get the best of both worlds in so many scenarios here. We get to experience the feel of a campus AND are located in between Minnesota’s two largest cities. In terms of both size and numbers, we’re considered a huge University, but we have small unique colleges within. We also have both summer AND winter, and the beautiful seasons between. What’s not to love?

The One Experience Students Shouldn't Miss: There are so many! The biggest thing I’d recommend for every student is to try new things. Whether it’s a new club, attending a sports game you’ve never seen, or exploring a new area you’ve never heard of. Four years go by too fast, soak it all in and do everything you can to enjoy the best time of your life.

Favorite Random Fact about the University: The University of Minnesota’s American Indian Studies department is the oldest in our nation! The department in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Libraries and the Minnesota Historical Society also created an online Ojibwe language dictionary with more than 30,000 words.

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