Branden Rudie

Branden Rudie

Transfer Admissions Counselor

College of Design

University of Minnesota

Direct: 612-626-3605
Toll Free: 1-800-752-1000

Why should students consider the University of Minnesota Twin Cities? "The University of Minnesota Twin Cities has outstanding undergraduate, research, and internship opportunities. With an expansive business community in the metropolitan area you are positioned to network and start your career within your academic field. We have staff and advisors who are dedicated to help connect your passions into a career."

Favorite class or student organization that's offered at the U of M? "Design Student and Alumni Board (DSAB) is our college transfer advisory group. This group meets and works together as one board, creating programs and opportunities that support the transition from college to career."

Who is the most inspirational U of M alum? "Norman Borlaug developed high-yield, disease-resistant wheat, which allowed for double the amount of wheat yield in Pakistan and India. Borlaug's development launched the "green revolution" that centered around improving global food security."

Favorite random fact about the University? "The College of Design has one of the largest Virtual Reality Labs in the country. The lab allows student designers to walk in the spaces they have created, and allows them a more intuitive approach to analyzing their work than simply seeing a 3D rendering on a 2D screen."

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