Alexandra Tsai

Alexandra Tsai

College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Admissions Counselor

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Direct: 612-626-2742
Toll Free: 1-800-752-1000

Hometown: Apple Valley, MN

Major(s): Physiology, minor in Spanish Studies

Why she chose the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities: I knew that coming to this university would not only afford me a great academic education, but I was incredibly drawn to extracurricular opportunities that would supplement my education such as undergraduate research opportunities, career counseling, and easy access to the surrounding metropolitan area.

Favorite University of Minnesota Class: My favorite classes were two Spanish service learning courses. These were a smaller class size of about 20-25 students, and we met once a week for class and discussion but also had a weekly volunteer learning experience component outside of the classroom. I was able to apply my learning from the classroom and language speaking skills within the community outside the university. I had opportunities to be a Teaching Assistant at a local elementary school, to work with adults learning computer skills, and to work with senior citizens to better their health.

Favorite Student Organization: Minnesota Association for Zombie Enthusiasts (M.A.Z.E.) is a group most famously known for their biannual campus-wide Humans vs. Zombies Nerf Tag war. You can see students armed with socks and Nerf guns to stun the zombies invading campus. Academic buildings are safe zones but the mall and walking areas outside are all fair game. They're also a group that is devoted to creating a fun and welcoming community of students to relieve stress from college and are interested in doing activities like zombie movie nights and playing zombie video games.

The One Experience Students Shouldn't Miss: Your Welcome Week! This beginning time was formative for many students, including myself, to get to know the other students living close by. It set up a great foundation of comfort and openness with my hall mates, and we ended up being a really close group -- I have remained close friends with several of them even after graduation. I wasn't a part of a living learning community, so many of my hall mates were from all different colleges and in different classes, but we all still got together for dinner, Mario kart races, and late night chats.

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