Friday, September 15 Update

Dear Colleague,

We have a clarification for the steps a student at a Naviance high school must take to connect their Common Application account to their Naviance Family Connection account. Please see the updated FAQ section for the specifics.

As we had shared earlier, we are currently accepting fall 2018 freshman applications through the Common Application. In past years, the University of Minnesota has also offered an institutional application that we call “Golden Gopher Application.” We have canceled our plans to offer the Golden Gopher application this year.

Why? Unfortunately, we encountered problems during our testing of the Golden Gopher application. Every year we conduct vigorous tests to make sure the site is easy to use and provides a student-friendly experience. Due to some technology changes, this year’s site simply wasn’t acceptable to us. We worked with contractors for several months without significant progress. We came to the decision that the Common Application will be our sole application at this time. We do intend to add the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success application in the coming weeks and will let you know when that’s available.

While we are disappointed with the change in the application plans, we must remain true to our customer service philosophy. We want to do everything we can to reduce stress or frustration in the application process – and a student’s application experience is not an area in which we want to compromise. For your knowledge, we continue to work to resolve the Golden Gopher Application challenges. If it becomes available, you’ll be the first to know. However, we must encourage students interested in the University of Minnesota to proceed with applying now, rather than waiting for another application.

Our intent with this message is to keep you informed. Even as we encounter this bump in the road, we are positive that this will be a wonderful fall and sincerely look forward to working with you this year. As always, we thank you for the crucial role you play in supporting students.

Should you have ANY questions, feedback, or concerns please call our High School Counselor Hotline at 612-626-8378.



Heidi Meyer
Executive Director of Admissions

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