University of Minnesota Policy on Final High School Transcripts and Senior Year Grades

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We admit students to the University of Minnesota based on the information they provide in their admission applications. We very much want students to succeed at the University. Because strong academic preparation through the senior year of high school enhances the likelihood of student's academic success, it is the policy of the University of Minnesota that students must meet the following conditions before they will be eligible to enroll:

  1. Graduate from high school or pass the GED (or the equivalent) before fall semester begins.
  2. Successfully complete the courses listed on their applications as "to be completed during the senior year."

In order to verify that you have met these enrollment requirements, you must have your final high school transcript, including date of graduation, submitted to the Office of Admissions by the July 1 deadline. When we receive your final transcript, we will review it to make certain you have maintained your strong academic record. See below for our policy on senior year grades.

How important are my senior year grades?

Senior year courses and grades are very important. Senior year courses are a primary factor that we consider when making admission decisions. After final transcripts are received, we review each student's senior year coursework and the grades earned in those courses to confirm course completion and that the performance during the senior year is consistent with the academic performance at the time of application. Changes in senior year coursework may result in a change to the student's college of admission. Unsuccessful completion of senior year coursework and/or a significant decline in academic performance during the senior year may result in the cancellation of admission.

If you are considering making changes to your senior year courses or if you are concerned about your academic progress in any of your courses, you must consult with your admissions counselor right away at 612-625-2008 or 1-800-752-1000.

What happens if I am missing some high school subject requirements?

We occasionally admit students who have not completed all of the subject requirements if they are otherwise admissible.

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