University Honors Program at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities

The University of Minnesota has a long-standing tradition of educating top students from Minnesota and around the world, and providing them with honors opportunities within our colleges. The University Honors Program is a place of extraordinary people and resources, shared passions, creative collaboration, and intellectual and cultural diversity. The University Honors Program is designed to help students achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals.

There is no separate application to be considered for the University Honors Program. Admitted freshmen are automatically considered for admission to the University Honors Program based on individual assessments of their admission applications. Learn more about Honors admission.

What are the benefits of the University Honors Program?

World-class faculty
Honors students benefit from an enriched curriculum taught by world-class faculty. Professors welcome students as partners in research and discovery. Directly from their labs, studios, and businesses, teachers bring cutting edge, first-hand knowledge into the undergraduate experience.

Honors seminars and courses
Honors courses--available only to honors students--offer small class sizes, close interaction with faculty, and an engaging learning atmosphere. Honors courses emphasize active learning and are a great place to get to know faculty and other Honors students.

Real-world lessons
Our faculty and students are searching for ways to make this world more peaceful, productive, healthy, and just. An interdisciplinary approach to solving problems is at the heart of Honors, whose aim is to provide highly qualified and motivated students with a rigorous and enhanced learning experience that takes full advantage of the knowledge and experience found at the U of M.

The Honors curriculum is connected with real world situations, important issues, burning questions, and innate curiosity. Together, professors and students tackle real-life issues from immigration reform to workplace psychology, from cancer research to public art.

One-on-one honors advising
From freshman orientation through graduation, Honors students benefit from ongoing contact with professional honors advisers and faculty who help students set academic goals, plan for the future, and chart their course through all that the U of M has to offer.

Graduation with Latin honors
Honors scholars have the opportunity to graduate with Latin honors. Summa cum laude--Latin for "with great honor"--is the highest academic distinction awarded to University students. Honors graduates proudly bear those Latin words on their diplomas. Graduate schools, professional programs and prospective employers recognize that these students have made the most of the opportunities available to learn, discover, and innovate.

Social and cultural activities
Honors students build connections and friendships with other future leaders that will last a lifetime. Taking advantage of the broader University of Minnesota experience, students can join organizations, volunteer time and expertise helping others in the community, and enjoy intramural sports and social events.

Honors housing
Honors housing is an opportunity for honors students to live together, learn together, and participate in special activities. Honors community events--including forums with prominent guest speakers, lunch or dinner with professors, Honors receptions, and just-for-fun activities--make Honors students feel at home on the U of M campus.

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