Daniel Garrison

Daniel Garrison

Freshman Admissions Counselor

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Direct: 612-624-7057
Toll Free: 1-800-752-1000

Hometown: Oswego, Ill.

Major(s): Political Science

Minor: German

Why he chose the University of Minnesota Twin Cities: It was the perfect mixture of an inclusive atmosphere, a beautiful campus next to a major city, and great student programs both inside and outside the classroom.

Favorite University of Minnesota Class: Topics in Politics: The Israeli/Palestinian Situation - our senior thesis had to try and solve the Israeli/Palestinian situation with either a one state or two state solution.

Favorite Student Organization: Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. - a Latino-based multicultural fraternity on campus with the pillars of scholarship, cultural awareness, community service, and brotherhood.

Favorite Random Fact about the University: The U of M has the very first American Indian Studies Department in the Nation!

Best Place to Study on Campus: Wilson Library Basement near the coffee shop - I love the smell of coffee and it's typically a little less busy than Walter Library.

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