Casey Kuenn

Casey Kuenn

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) Admissions Counselor

University of Minnesota

Direct: 612-625-3284
Toll Free: 1-800-752-1000

Hometown: Holmen, WI

Major: Biology

Why he chose the University of Minnesota Twin Cities: I knew I wanted to attend the University of Minnesota because of the personalized attention I received throughout the admissions process. Between the tour I went on and the phone calls I received asking me about my admissions process, I felt that the University cared about me, and that staff and faculty would support me through my collegiate career.

Favorite University of Minnesota Class: My favorite class at the University was probably Cell Biology, Development, and Regeneration Laboratory. The class allowed us to work on rotating lab modules, which allowed me to see a more interdisciplinary approach to research.

Favorite Student Organization: My favorite student organization would probably be Al-Madinah Cultural Center. They are one of our cultural centers located in Coffman Memorial Union and put on some of the most entertaining and educational events on campus. Plus, they typically have some of the best free food at their events.

Favorite U of M Memory: My favorite U of M memory would have been attending convocation as an Orientation Leader. The whole team has a chance to see all of the first year students at the end of Welcome Week, it was one of the last events we work as a whole team, and it’s very sentimental.

Most Inspirational U of M Alum: Norman Borlaug, the inventor of a drought resistance strain of wheat. His invention helped to save millions of lives and he dedicated his life to starting the green revolution to make people more aware of their impact on the environment.

Favorite Random Fact about the University: Keller Hall, which is home to the department of computer science, is shaped like a floppy disk when viewed from above.

Best Place to Study on Campus: Magrath Library in St. Paul, it always has study desks available, and during finals week, McGrath hosts a variety of stress animals that you can visit during study breaks.

The One Experience Students Shouldn’t Miss: The Homecoming Lip Sync Competition is a little under praised competition that happens during the exciting week of Homecoming. This competition allows students to perform hilarious and amazing skits all while lip-syncing, and features some of the most impressive performances on campus.

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