ACT and SAT information for freshman admission

A complete application to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities requires either (a) the ACT Assessment plus the ACT Writing Test, or (b) the SAT (which automatically includes the writing test). The writing test results are considered only as a secondary factor and admission decisions are based on an overall assessment of the primary and secondary review factors.

Both ACT and SAT will send your scores free of charge to the first four schools you list when you register for the test. We will always consider the best composite score (from a single test) you submit, so we strongly encourage you to list the U of M as one of the schools to receive your official score each time you sit for an ACT or SAT exam.

ACT and SAT registration information

Your official test scores must be sent directly to the University of Minnesota, using one of the codes listed below:


Phone: 319-337-1270
U of M test code: 2156


Phone: 866-756-7346
U of M test code: 6874

About the ACT and SAT writing tests


The ACT Assessment includes an optional 30-minute Writing Test. Students must register for the Writing Test when they register to take the ACT. It is not possible to register for a separate ACT Writing Test; it must be taken in addition to and at the same time as the ACT Assessment. More information about the ACT Assessment and the Writing Test is available at Students may also register for the ACT Assessment and the Writing Test on the website.

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities requires a writing score from at least one test date. If you have already registered but you need to add the writing exam, call ACT at 319-337-1270.


The SAT contains three sections: critical reading, math, and writing. The mandatory writing section includes a multiple-choice component and a 25-minute essay component. More information about the new SAT is available at Students can register for the SAT on the website.

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